Our surf school in Barcelona, located in El Masnou in front of one of the most famous peaks in the area. It is a perfect place to take an introductory surfing lesson. Its waves make it easy to practice basic surfing techniques at first.
When there are storms in the east, it is one of the best beaches with a very long left hand side that allows us to work on intermediate level surfing classes.
Surfing class (child or adult)
We offer classes of 1h 30min duration. We are open every day of the year in the morning and in the afternoon. We give our students the option to choose the day and time, so that the Waves team can assess which day is best for the surfing lesson and adapt to the sea conditions, waves and level of the surfer.

Ideal for beginner surfing classes.

Surf courses (child or adult)
We design the course according to the student’s needs, working on technical, theoretical and practical aspects depending on the age and level of the participants, when doing the surf course. We like to give the student the possibility to choose their time slot that best suits them, always taking into account the sea conditions and with the advice of the Waves team to choose the best day to surf.

The surf course is perfect for those people who have already had some contact and want to deepen and increase their knowledge both practical and theoretical. Even so, the first time surfers who want to get started can do the course without any problem.

Equipment rental
We rent surfboards Barcelona, and wetsuits. If you don’t have any material, you have no excuse to enjoy the sea.

Surfboard: 13 euros/hour
Wetsuit / Neoprene: 7 euros/hour