• SurfSkate Class

  • Duration

    Session 1h and 30min

  • Location

    Areas to be agreed

    El Masnou, Premià de Mar, Barcelona

  • Further information

    Federated School by the CNS.

    Expert instructors in skateboarding and trained in teaching.

    Guaranteed progress.

    Special teaching method for adults.

    Possibility of travelling to agreed areas.

    Test material included

    Surfskates with special discounts for students.

  • Availability

    Days to be agreed from Monday to Sunday morning or afternoon.

    Book your classes.

  • Price

    Private individual class 35€

    Class adapted to the needs of the student, from the first steps to more complete tricks in flat or bowl.

    Starter Pack: 120€.

    Course of 4 sessions. You will learn basic concepts of paddling, braking and turning. First sessions in a flat floor to control movements and gain confidence. The last sessions will work on the first steps of the ramp or bowl. This course will help you to get real use of your new surfskate!

    Progressive Pack: 120€

    Course of 4 sessions. Adapted to the level of the student. The first session is an evaluation of the level. According to what has been agreed it will be evaluated in flat, bowl or both. In the first session we will already begin to correct, discover and strengthen our level and style of surfing.


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SurfSkate class

No waves? Your progress in surfing is slow? Do you get frustrated after a surfing session? ….. If you are asking yourself this question, we have the answer and the solution.

Surfskate lessons are an essential tool for any surfer. Far from being a toy or a fashion item, at Maresme Waves we can assure you that our surfers have experienced a considerable increase in maneuverability in their surfing which translates into a greater amount of waves ridden with a much more fluid movement.

To be able to practice surfing on asphalt is already a reality and we want to teach you how to do it with expert instructors in the field, trained in teaching and with a teaching system focused on progress.

We can assure you that you will master the technique of carving, bottom turn, re-entry, cut back, floater and even

nose-riding in much less time and with much less effort than in the water so that, when you get back on the peak, you look like a new surfer.

We adapt to any level, any age, exclusive method for adults, effective methods to avoid injuries, we move to areas agreed by the student or we recommend areas depending on the level and / or maneuvers to work.

Ask for information without obligation, we are sure that you will end up skating much more fluently from your first surfing lesson onwards.


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