We organize classes and courses of Paddle Surf Barcelona. Enjoy the sea sailing with the paddle surf board, a modality that consists of moving through the water standing up on the board, a sport that requires balance, strength and coordination. With the paddle surf you work practically all the muscles of your body, from trapezius to feet. It is recommended for many injuries to strengthen the muscles and thus better protect the bones.

Fun is guaranteed.

Paddle Surf Class (child or adult)
We offer classes of 1h 30min duration adapted to the level of each participant. By taking the paddle surfing class you will learn the basics to be able to surf and enjoy this sport. One session of paddle surfing you will be able to stand up and surf for a while once you have had your paddle surfing class, you will be able to start carrying an additional person with your board without falling, and you will also be able to use a proper paddling technique so as not to suffer any injuries.

Paddle Surf Courses (child or adult)
We design the course according to the student’s needs, working on technical and recreational aspects depending on the age and level of the participants. When you do the paddle surf course you will reach a basic level so that you can do routes from 2h to 4h without any problem, without hurting yourself and with a minimum of effort.

In the paddle surfing course you will learn how to turn and paddle for short and long distances, in order to have a level of paddle surfing suitable for different sea conditions.

Equipment rental
We rent paddle surfboards and wetsuits from Barcelona. If you don’t have any material, you have no excuse to enjoy the sea.

Supboard: 13 euros/hour
Wetsuite/ Neoprene: 7 euros/hour