• Adventures with Catamaran

    hobie cat vela ligera

Course and Lesson Catamaran

  • Duration

    2-hour Class

    2-day Course – 2 hours per day

  • Price

    Class: €90

    2-day Course: €150

    1-hour Ride with Instructor: €55. Available for an individual, a couple, or a family, maximum 4 persons.

    *For rental, please contact us.

  • Availability

    All year round. We adapt the classes to the optimal sea conditions.


    Check availability

  • Location

    Playa Ocata

    Pg. Maritim El Masnou

Material Included

Insurance Included

1 year valid

Course and Catamaran Class Maresme-Barcelona

Do you want to learn how to sail a catamaran?

Reserve your catamaran course today!

Minimum age 6 years.

Aspects that will be worked on in the class or course:

  • Navigational technique.
  • Navigational maneuvers.
  • Specific safety procedures.
  • High-speed navigation.
  • Execution of controlled turns.
  • Complete evaluation of sea conditions specific to navigation during sessions.
  • Adjustment of sails to optimize performance.
  • Advanced catamaran navigation maneuvers.
  • Route planning and crossings.
  • Problem-solving and emergency situations in navigation.

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of sailing a catamaran and discover the thrill of exploring the Mediterranean Sea from a new perspective!

hobie cat light sail

Embark on an exciting adventure in the Mediterranean Sea with our catamaran ride!

For an hour of pure fun and relaxation, you will have the opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters of Barcelona aboard our spacious catamaran, accompanied by one of our expert instructors.

Whether you’re a family, a couple, or someone who prefers to enjoy the adventure solo, this catamaran ride is the perfect getaway. Our instructors are here to ensure that your experience on the catamaran is safe, exciting, and completely memorable.

Whether you’re seeking a family adventure, a romantic moment with your partner, or simply a peaceful time on the sea, our catamaran ride offers something for everyone. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Barcelona coast as you relax under the warm Mediterranean sun.

Book your catamaran ride today and join us for an unforgettable experience on the sea!

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