There is no age limit to approach this martial art Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that can serve as a sport to keep fit, for self-defense or discipline to compete.
We can say that Brazilian Ji Jitsu is a “practicable” martial art that anyone can approach. Discipline, order, strategy and above all good vibes mark any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class.
A sporting atmosphere in which first the technique is practiced and then have a good time fighting.
Fellowship in which a purple belt helps and advises a newly arrived white belt.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment is usually varied but basic. The most essential for the practice is its clothing, the jiu jitsu kimonos or gi are very similar to judo. Another important piece is the belt or obi, since its function is to hold the jacket of the kimono.

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  • Basic
    € 60
    Three lessons per week – Registration 80€ included kimono BJJ / 40€ without kimono

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  • Kids
    € 50
    Two lessons per week – Registration 80€ include kimono BJJ / 40€ without kimono

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  • Family
    € 100
    Family discount. Three lessons adult amd two lessons kids – Registration 80€ incluye kimono BJJ

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Improves the cardiovascular system
Helps to lose fat
Increases basal metabolism
Increases strength
Improves joint mobility
Improves overall body movement
Improves balance
Improved reflexes
Improves physical appearance
Builds self-confidence and self-assurance

For kids

Improves psychomotor coordination.
Develops dexterity, reflexes and reactions.
Discharge energy.
Teaches education, discipline and respect for everyone around us.
It favors the increase of concentration.
Helps the child to know himself better and to control himself.
Teaches fundamental values such as tolerance and responsibility.
Builds children’s self-confidence.
Develops strength, balance, speed and flexibility.

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